Verdigris Energy, LLC, a woman and minority owned enterprise, provides comprehensive energy management and procurement solutions for our clients. From analyzing optimal supply strategies to working with potential suppliers to final contract negotiation and execution, Verdigris Energy works with our clients to ensure a seamless transition to the most cost effective supply structure. Our emphasis on identifying risk exposures and developing supply plans that mitigate those exposures ensures that our clients are able to confidently manage their energy supply needs. With more than 20 years of experience in energy procurement and management, risk evaluation, contract negotiation and financial analysis,  Verdigris Energy, LLC  stands ready to assist you in every phase of your energy procurement process.

Our knowledge and record of performance, along with our vast network of industry contacts ensures that we can not only help you to identify the most effective supply structure to meet your needs, but also work with you and other industry partners to execute that structure. At Verdigris Energy, LLC we are committed to the success of our clients. We recognize that in today's environment, cost control is critical and energy costs typically account for one of the major costs of operations. Our job is to help our clients obtain the most cost effective energy supplies with an emphasis on reliability and stability. Our job does not stop when the energy starts flowing…we partner with our clients before, during and after the contracts are signed and the energy is flowing by ensuring that suppliers perform as projected.


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