There are three fundamental ways businesses can “go green” to reduce their carbon footprint and improve overall environmental sustainability.
They are:

Installation of renewable energy resources such as solar panels
Reduced use of energy and materials through retrofit projects and/or changes to business practices
Buy renewable energy credits to support to development of renewable energy resources on the grid

Verdigris Energy can be a resource to clients in several ways:

Accurate financial valuation of a sustainability project that generates energy or reduces energy demand (items 1 & 2 above)

Sourcing the most competitively priced renewable energy credits (item 3 above)

Facilitating participation in the EPA Green Power Partnership program

Benchmarking the carbon footprint (CO2 tons/yr) associated with consumption of electricity and natural gas during the most recent and prior years

Quantifying the projected reduction in CO2 tons/yr associated with a sustainability project that reduces future energy consumption
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