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Energy Procurement
With energy deregulation, organizations can manage costs in ways previously available only to very large power users. As one of Texas’ most knowledgable and ethical companies, Verdigris Energy advises organizations on how to buy and manage energy supply to achieve greater cost savings in ways that are consistent with client risk tolerance
Our objective is the same as yours—to obtain the most economical supply arrangement available. Through Verdigris Energy’s relationship with all of the nation’s largest and most reliable energy providers, you’ll have access to highly competitive pricing and a full array of energy management products and services that help you identify, understand, and manage the variables that affect the price you pay for electricity. Simplifying the purchase and management of energy requires a thorough understanding of power generation and delivery, and their impact on prices. Verdigris Energy understands these factors because our client energy strategist spent more than 15 years on the supplier side of the business.
What We Do as Your Trusted Advisor
Explain how deregulation can be a source of competitive advantage for your business
Listen to understand your business model, needs and objectives
Analyze your current and future energy usage patterns.
Educate you about alternatives available in the marketplace.
Recommend solutions
Optimize the timing of your energy purchase to capture additional market value
Facilitate contract process
Provide ongoing customer service should new opportunities or problems arise with your supply
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